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Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium

Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium

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This second expansion for Race for the Galaxy delves into the growing conflict between the Rebel and Imperium forces. This expansion increases player interaction by adding takeover rules that allow players to conquer military worlds in other players' tableaus. This expansion also includes, among the new cards added, two player-submitted cards.

Requires Race for the Galaxy to play. Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm expansion is optional, but recommended and adds solo play. With only Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium, min players is 2 and max players is 5. Both expansions are required for 6-player games.

Microbadges: mb mb

mb Race for the Galaxy - Keldon's AI fan
mb Race for the Galaxy fan - Rebel development
mb Race for the Galaxy fan - Explore combine power


  • 1 replacement Gambling World
  • 3 start world cards, numbered 9–11
  • 7 action cards (for a sixth player)
  • 41 game cards
  • 2 2-player action cards (with )
  • 1 contest entry card (see page 8)
  • 6 Military/takeover status slides
  • 24 cubes to track Military/status
  • 3 counters to track special Military
  • 1 takeover disk
  • 6 victory point (VP) chips: 3 @ 1, 2 @ 5, and 1 @ 10 (the third 1 VP chip is a spare)
  • 2 “most” goals (large tiles)
  • 3 “first” goals (small tiles)
  • 1 additional 3 VP goal chip
  • 4 counters for solitaire game

Card Sleeves

Standard @54 cards