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Revolution! The Palace

Revolution! The Palace

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Included in the expansion :

6 New Bid Boards with 4 new Influential People to choose.
1 Palace Building Board
2 New Player Colors (Brown & Purple) and Screens

4 New Influential People and Abilities:

Viceroy - Influence Palace/Occupy Guardhouse
Messenger - Three Support/Move two of your cubes to any two empty spaces.
Mayor - Influence any open Influence Space.
Constable - Five Support/1 Blackmail

New Palace Building
The Palace Building tile is placed over the park space on the original board and is worth 55 support. It has 9 empty spaces for influence tokens, 1 being in a separate area on the tile called the Guardhouse. Any player who has an influence cube in the guardhouse is protected from having any of their influence cubes moved on the board.